The purpose and philosophy of Chuck Sweeney Associates is defined in its mission statement:

"To support individual leaders and companies to be better than their highest expectations while helping them maintain their core values and life/work priorities."

At the heart of Chuck Sweeney’s success is his unique ability to see the best in people--entrepreneurs, leaders, and team members--and get that best out of them, for their benefit and for the benefit of their organizations.

Chuck was a senior executive with over two decades of sales, marketing, and operations management experience with a major corporation—New York Life Insurance Company. He has performed at local, regional, national and international levels. With his clients, he has a reputation for operational turnarounds with the ability to build key relationships while challenging and motivating them to a higher plane. Chuck combines his varied real life business experiences and merges them with his philosophy of businesses and of people. He is convinced that individuals can not only reach their dreams and desires, but go well beyond them.  His ability to encourage people to develop a long-term vision for their business, and for their life, is at the center of his philosophy.

Challenges and opportunities abound.  How we respond to them--both personally and in business--determines our level of accomplishment and happiness.  Success has no barriers!

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Chuck's clients come from a variety of industries and disciplines.  His partners in success include individuals, corporations, government agencies, universities, and non-profit organizations.  Direct them to client list and testimonials

If you feel that you or your business could use the services of an experienced Coach/Consultant, or someone who can motivate and inspire your team or facilitate your vision for your future, please contact us.  Click on a link above or to the left to learn more about how Chuck's experience, expertise and skills can benefit you and your business or organization.